Dear [ name ].

Thank you for being part of Integrity Chamber.

Exciting News!

In November of 2022, I partnered with Best Way Websites by getting a private label of their Easy Website Builder and CMS (Content Management System).

About 3 years ago, I become acquainted with the owner of Best Way Websites (Doug).  This acquaintance was made via shared business connections.

I have seen the beautiful websites that they have created as well as some impressive custom programming that they have done for friends of mine.

One of my dear friends asked them to build a site for them, and they got it completed and live on the web in ONE DAY (literally!)

Best Way Websites & Integrity Chamber

Doug has also been working with me to make some improvements and upgrades to the Integrity Chamber as well, and I'm excited about changes that will be revealed soon.  I am trusting them to work on my own custom apps as well!

My Retirement

This is exciting news, too!  I have recently retired and am looking forward to spending truly focused time on just a few projects and taking some time traveling. 

I need to make sure that my website services clients are well taken care of in the future, and I am confident that partnering with Best Way Websites is going to be perfect for them.

Now is a Great Time to Upgrade Your Site!

So, I am sending you this email to introduce this new service and to encourage you to thoughtfully consider upgrading your site with my new Best Way Website's CMS.

What You'll Be Able To Get

  • 24/7/365 Access to easily Edit Your Own Website (if you want to)
  • Stellar Support
    • Ticket System
    • Video Tutorials
    • Phone Support
  • Additional marketing services available (local search, social ...)
  • Fantistic Reviews Platform for your website
  • ... and a lot more!

I've got more to share with you, but don't want this email to get too long, so I am going to ask you to click on the following link to learn more.




Hi and welcome to Integrity Web Pages.

I'm Cornell Kay, and you know me as the creator of the Integrity Directory.

I also have created and hosted websites as a part of the services I have offered.  I have recently retired.

In order to ensure that my clients have their sites well-maintained into the future, I have partnered with Best Way Websites by becoming an authorized licensee of their website builder and content management system.

My sites are managed under my private label called Integrity Web Pages.

I am urging all of my website clients to switch to this new platform.

Upgrading your website with Best Way Websites will give you:

  • The Ability to easily edit your website yourself
  • Stellar Website Support by support tickets and phone (you can choose your support plan)
  • A professional looking website that will work perfectly on all browsers and screen sizes
  • A top-notch reviews platorm that YOU control
  • ... and much, much more

Please accept my invitation to consider this important upgrade. 

Tap on the button below to easily and quickly register and then get in touch with Best Way Websites.  Call (833) 646-2509 if you have questions, or you may call me on my cell phone as well: 916-969-0205.

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